List of promotional products to avoid

The concept of promotional products has become ubiquitous, and every other business is jumping on the bandwagon of promotional products for the growth of its business practices. It’s true that using promotional products can significantly attribute to the growth of your business; however, there is only a limited selection of products that can do wonders to your company’s growth.

Working with a promotional product strategist enables you to work out the list of products that you should book for your big promotional product campaign. The main objective of the products shouldn’t be based on appeasing the recipients but, it should also return investment value to your company. If a promotional product is unable to bring any ROI to your business then, it is a waste of time and money. We have compiled a list of useless promotional products items that you should avoid at all costs:

1. Branded stickers

In another scenario, branded stickers would garner a significant reception from the recipients; however, what exactly do you expect from the branded stickers? Where do you expect the recipients to stick the stickers? Should they stick it to their cars instead of putting stickers of their business or, where?

The idea of branded stickers sounds interesting but, the execution of the project sounds lame. You should rather switch to similar ventures for scoring profitable outcomes.

2. Gift wrapper

The idea of gift wrapper only sounds nice if you are using it to pack gifts and giveaway presents for your customers but, if you expect them to use branded gift wrapper for personal purposes—it would look bad.

3. Bandages

Any typical user would expect a bandage to heal its cut and then, it would throw it away in the dustbin. It doesn’t do any thing good for your business’ success, so you shouldn’t consider it in the first place.